Buying Real Estate

“It was fantastic to work with Garry. He was very helpful and communicative, every step of the way. He made us feel comfortable with the different options, price points, and areas that we were considering – and he brought up some local considerations that we may have not thought of on our own. A great experience and outcome.”

Brad and Johanna Zimmer, Saskatoon (Buyer)

Looking to Purchase Land or an Acreage?

Are you expanding your land base, looking for a farm or investment property? Locating the right property is not an easy task but the rewards speak for themselves. Don’t do it on your own! I can fill you in on the market situation, crops and farming practices in the area(s) you are considering.

I will use my local knowledge, contacts and expertise to find the perfect place for you.

I will make the process easier, more enjoyable, less time-consuming, and less expensive. I will help you locate and assess properties then help you make the purchase. With my help, you can become a preferred buyer, choose to finance and negotiate a sale like a pro.

Questions to Consider

Buying a residential property or farm can be a big decision. Reflect on these questions before browsing listings. It can save you a lot of time finding the place that is right for you.


  • How large of a house do you need to be comfortable?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms would you like?
  • Will the yard need to accommodate children or animals?
  • How important is it to live close to work, family, local amenities or public transportation?
  • In which areas would you like to live?
  • Are there areas that you want to avoid?
  • Will you need to plan for hobbies, hospitality or physical limitations?


  • How many acres do I want?
  • What area(s) of the province will I consider?
  • What type of land do I need: grain land, ranch land or mixed?
  • Will you rent the land out?
  • Will you need help finding a tenant?*
  • What is my desired return on investment?

*I can help you find a tenant, and assist you in getting a lease agreement in place.

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